Situated just a stone's throw from the clear blue waters of Henley Beach, Coffee Journey is a vibrant cafe and wholesale roastery under the one roof.

All of our beans are roasted on-site by Di Wang of Sugar Browning, a multi-award winning coffee roaster and latte art champion!

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latest news Di picked up another two medals at the 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards to add to her growing collection. Congratulations! 

Begin the Journey...

Here at Coffee Journey, we operate under a basic assumption; the fresher and higher quality of coffee that we start with, the better the final product for our customers.

We achieve this by sourcing our coffee from ethical and sustainable sources and roasting those beans fresh in-store.

Our coffee is personally selected by our resident roaster and Q-Grader, Di Wang. And because of this, we are able to boast a high quality product.

Further to this, the coffee that we use in competition is the same quality coffee that we serve to our customers daily!

The CJ Flavour Wheel

This original creation is a simple way of displaying Di's professional opinion and insights on any of her selected roasted beans. 


As Black - Describes the flavour profile without any additional products such as milk, sugar etc. 
Add Milk - As stated, this is the flavour profile once milk has been added to the coffee. 


How it 'feels' in the mouth. 'Light', "heavy" and "smooth" are terms related to the texture or mouthfeel.


The aroma, or 'bouquet', refers basically to the smell of the coffee. 


The aftertaste, or 'finish', is the lingering taste left after the coffee was swallowed.


Imparts a dry, bright sensation. Lively, fruity taste. Not to be confused with sour, bitter, sharp. 


... across the coffee world.

In roasting the coffee, we strive to display what we believe is the optimal flavour profile of the bean. 

No matter the bean, we are able to change the roasting profile to express different flavour profiles. It is possible to roast a single bean five different ways resulting in five different flavour profiles!

From the seed to the cup, every process along the way is vital. The terrain, quality of soil, altitude, coffee variety and the surrounding community itself (including how well the farm is supported) all play a role in the end product.

So to all of you 'coffee addicts' out there... Are you ready to embark on an adventure of the senses from around the world? From Colombia, to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama just to name a few.

Di is one of the few female Q-Graders in Australia. She is very passionate about all aspects of coffee and healthy living. 

Q Grading & Awards

What does it mean to be a Q Grader?  

This advanced training gives a high level of understanding of how to identify and differentiate coffee. 

There are 22 tests involved in the course that relate to accurately and consistently grading coffee to the standards and protocols set in place by the SCAA as well as a strong understanding of cupping form.

Awards & Certifications

Di has managed to achieve awards across all areas such as Cupping, Latte Art, Brewing and Roasting.

More extensive specialty coffee?

We wouldn't be able to boast specialty coffee status without being able to show a broader variety of brewing methods. In store, we roast specific coffees for the purpose of showcasing other brew methods that we have on offer. These include V60 pour over, aero press, filter and Turkish coffee.


Cold Drip/Brew

Cold drip is where coffee shows it's true colours. With this process, there is no hiding behind milk or sugar. What you see is what you get.

As the process of cold drip requires little human interference, it's up to the natural forces of time and gravity to work their magic. All we do is collect the resulting coffee.

From 18 - 48 hours!

With 18 up to a 48 hour long extraction, it's all up to the roast to provide the flavour, texture and consistency.

Is there a difference between 'Drip' and 'Brew'?

Cold brew is much the same in principle but uses a different extraction method. Here, only time is required for the fine grounds to steep in the cold water over the same length of time. The resulting coffee is richer and darker compared to the cleaner, lighter coffee you get with a cold drip.

Both methods brew a coffee which is both refreshing and complex. 

The cool side of coffee!

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    Coffee Beans

    Our freshly roasted beans are available for retail purchase in 250g and 500g bags, starting from $12.50.

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    Organic Tea

    Our selection of high grade organic teas are also available to purchase in store. All teas are $15.50/bag.

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    Other Accessories

    We have many other accessories to go with your coffee or tea! Swing by the shop and have a browse around.

Retail Shop

All of our products that you already enjoy in the cafe can be purchased so you can prepare them at home anytime you like!

A selection of our finest single origin and house blend roasted coffee beans from around the world, organic teas and some useful accessories are available for sale. Have a chat with us and we'd be happy to recommend one of our roasts for you!

Note: All of our beans can be purchased in larger volume through our wholesale company, Sugar Browning.

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Address: 640 Grange Rd, Henley Beach 5022
Ph: 04 9071 2338

If you have any enquiries, feel free to give us a call or drop by the shop and say hi! Alternatively, you can message here using the form or just send some mail to "". We'd love to have a chat with you!

Trading hours during pandemic Mon-Fri from 7AM - 2PM. Weekends 7:30AM - 3:00PM.